Rank the 2000-2022 Final Fours


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May 2, 2008

Close games


22. 2000 - Two 8 seeds, not a whole lot of NBA talent outside of MSU. Not a lot of close games. I remember this one the least
21. 2006 - George Mason's run was awesome, but this would have been better with Uconn. Not a lot of high scoring games. Cool seeing UCLA back.
20. 2010 - Fun tournament, boring Final four. All the fun teams got bounces ( KU, UK, SU) WVU was hurt, butler was boring, Duke's team had a boring makeup.
19. 2011 - I remember not giving a crap about VCU vs Butler. Butler was great but an eye sore to watch. All of the top teams bowed out early.
18. 2013 - 2013 was a down year overall , just not a lot of interesting ball.

This is where it gets tough and all of these middles are interchangable. The top 8 are set

17. 2018 - Many may disagree, Loyola making it to the EE, awesome, FF, not so much. Michigan wasn't that interesting, KU over achieved. Nova blew everyone out.
16. 2016 - One of the best title games ever, no doubt, the FF games sucked and were blow outs. It makes it so hard to rank.
15. 2009 - Everyone and their mom knew UNC was winning. I guess the intrigue was all teams were likable, and MSU was playing in Detroit.
14. 2004 - The FF games were close and awesome. Uconn 1 pt game over Duke, Gtech 1 pt game over Okstate. The title game wasn't close but I loved this Uconn team.
13. 2014 - Wisconsin back in the FF since 2000, Uconn running on the back of Napier. This one is too low.
12. 2007 - Very solid teams, two 2's and two 1's , lots of NBA talent. Florida going back to back . Not super close games, but solid.
11. 2019 - I love years when all 4 teams have equal talent and experience and anyone could actually win, no clear cut favorite.
10. 2012 - Another super solid FF. Good balanced teams. Blue blood title game, UK vs The ville.
9. 2017 - Gonzaga in their first FF in the title game vs UNC. Intrigue enough.

The best

8. 2021 - This is way too high, but UCLA battling the zags in blue blood vs new blood, The zags best team ever getting creamed. Glorious
7. 2003 - Homer pick probably. But KU, Cuse and Texas were awesome and Dwayne wade special.
6. 2002 - KU vs Maryland was the title game for all intents and purposes and it was high flying
5. 2005 - Illinois vs UNC in the rare "the 2 best teams actually facing off title game"
4. 2001 - I became a fan of Bball in 97 but obsessed in 01. Not close games, but all name brands and I remember Duke and AZ being stacked rosters.
3. 2022 - Yes, this isn't played out yet. But based on brands, storylines (k retiring, hubert, moore hurt, fbi) . Best brands since 08
2. 2015 - Three 1 seeds, 4 teams with NBA talent, One and doners, UK losing undefeated season. This was fun.
1. 2008 - Four 1 seeds, come on, KU vs UNC Bill vs Roy. Cal beginning his one and done cycle with Rose. 3 bluebloods and cal. OT title game.