Who's the poster you respect the most based on fandom?


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Mar 9, 2017
I have a BIL who once PM'd naked pics of my sister. Then followed it up with "Oops, that wasn't meant for you", I doubt he was being sincere due to the way she was hogtied.
Wow, sorry just reading this, the work schedule I work I get behind. But I would have kicked his ass, unless my sister agreed with it, then it's none of my business, but I know my sister and that wouldn't be the case. 🤬


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Sep 8, 2012
I am really scared of how nasty you are Jeff.

Fear kyjeff.
As you know, I'm actually a cut up in person, but I'm a little passive aggressive and the difference between me and a lot of those on RR is, like you, I'm not antagonizing and I would not hesitate to say any of those things to them in person.

Those dudes get bent when you say anything negative about Calipari and instead of debating, they talk smack and get all sarcastic.

That’s homerism at it's finest.
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