Not the first time Husky has visited Goodwin in post season


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Jun 4, 2018
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As a die hard CSUF Baseball fan, I want to congratulate y'all on successful post season so far. I selfishly called for a UW/CSUF Super a couple days ago since I'm also a die hard UW'b football fan dubbing it a Purple Super at Goodwin.. Our family actually own a Husky that goes by Marcu or Tui. You can guess where that name came from.

I hope you send a good crew of fans for the Super Regional. We've done a few of those over the years and we pride on making it a great experience. There is a Marriott on campus btw.

Also, we have a very active message board that I invite anyone to come on over and talk baseball. Interfacing with the "other" fans is very common there.

Looking forward to wandering over sometime during the game to talk some foootbawl.

Travel safe.
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