History Time: Screw ADs and their bloated salaries!


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Feb 22, 2010
From 2003 to 2016 Jamie Dixon walked the sidelines of the Pete and when the horn sounded at the end of the game 73 percent of the time Dixon was a gosh darn winner. At the end of the year he averaged a record of 25-10. Usually mixing in a deep run into the big East tournament followed by a sweet 16 appearance.

The Pete was packed, season tickets waiting list was absurd. A top student section in the country.

Let me introduce R-Tard no. 1 Steve Pederson: Nebraska fans understand the destruction that this man can cause. For chrissakes this guy fired Dave Wanstadt and hired a wife beater who got fired within three days. However he knew that Jamie Dixon was the only reason he was still employed. New chancellor comes in and looks at the scope of the Pitt athletic department in realizes that outside of men’s basketball it’s a goddamn joke. First thing that he does is terminate Steve Pederson.

R-Tard No. 2 has been chosen: SCOTT BARNES aka the Terminator: I will give Scott this he ran a very successful department at Utah State however he was just a shit stain, Oregon state I hope this guy destroys every successful program you have. I’m digging deep here but aren’t you guys a track school? Anyway, nobody will care. Dixon coaches his buttons off and get the team into the tournament and losses to Wisconsin by 3 in the ugliest game I’ve ever seen. No big deal, it was a Pitt team that was young and was set to return Four Starters.

At this point, Pitt basketball was a program that went in cycles, Dixon turned nobodies into somebodies and we had two guys in Jamal Artis and Mike Young who were about to be NBA players and landed A big transfer at the time in Sheldon Jeter from Vanderbilt. This was a top 20 team next year.

R-Tard No.2 steps in and demands changes after zero time on the job and eventually says explore other answers we will lower your buyout just leave. Of Course perennial dumpster fire TCU scoops up Jamie as he’s an alum and a darn good coach. This guy is so egotistical that he thinks that he’s bringing in Sean Miller. A Pitt Alum who is a big time splash hire. SM tells Pitt to get screwed; because R-Tard 2 forgot that it snows in Pittsburgh and Arizona is a blue blood.

R-Tard 2 panics after getting laughed at and calls up good friend Scott Turner who suggests Kevin Stallings. Who just so happens about ti be fired from Vandy. Stallings was an unmitigated disaster st Pitt, look up the record. R-yard 2 cries mommy is sick and bolts after one year of watching this disaster.

Let me introduce to you no. 3 Heather Lyke. I give her credit she threw the book at KS to resign so much so that they ended up on probation for basketball and football just to lower a buyout. She ID’s her guy, Mark Schmidt from ST. bona. A good coach more of the JD mold who develops players and wins. She leaks the name and it goes over in Pittsburgh horribly. She of course gives into what the fans want and goes after a recruiter. Jeff F’n Capel. Very well spoken man. Someone I like as a person but can’t recruit, can’t coach himself of a wet paper bag. So after a losing season this dude gets an extension right from R-Tard No.3 herself. This dudes going to be here forever it seems, never win, not recruit and just handout promotions to assistants

Today we have no recruits, a losing record and I just had to watch JD shove it up LSUs butt to go to 14-4 on the year I’m hurting.

TLDR:started drinking early and I just watched Jamie Dixon win another game against a top 25 team while I get shoved a bunch of BS from the Pitt administration about how the program is on the upswing.

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Dec 10, 2018