Utah State hero ball 3- NCAA tourney preview?

Discussion in 'College Basketball Board' started by EvilMonkeyInTheCloset, Mar 7, 2020.

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    Looks like the NCAA Tournament style of hero ball step back contested 3s that always go in got started early with Utah State knocking off potential 1 seed San Diego State in the MWC Finals.

    I look forward to watching this garbage style of play that has infected American basketball at every level, but especially at the higher levels once again at the NCAA Tournament.

    Great stuff, as usual. :)

    P.S. No, not a San Diego State fan, nor did I have money on the game. I just don't like this kind of play that gets rewarded and has become a staple of late-game situations across the game of basketball because it looks so cool to drain a deep with a hand in your face and then do some goofy ass hand gesture or taunt.

    Now I'll proceed to sit back down on my old man porch and glare at you kids walking near my lawn.............

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