Purdue vs. Illinois was GOTY so far.


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Oct 5, 2004
Any other contenders? That game was amazing.

I could see 3 Big Ten teams reach the final four this year. Wiscy / Purdue / Illinois / Ohio State / Michigan State....all these teams can make. deep run.
It was a good game for sure. GOTY. Don't know about that. Purdue is getting much better on D though which was much needed.

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Jul 8, 2019
Chicago, IL
Yeah, that’s way premature. We have to prove it in March.
Definitely have some stuff to prove come Tourney time; I’m fine not getting “national respect” or whatever until we do. On the flip side, it’s a brand new season and it’s perfectly possible multiple B1G teams make deep runs.


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Jan 20, 2011
This Purdue feels a little different to me than some of the prior methodical types of teams they've had, and some of the other top slow teams the league has produced in years past.

Williams a big dude but he's dropping no look dimes on the block. He's got a little globetrotter to his game that you don't see every day from a dude built like a house. Ivey has a perimeter skill set an ability to kind of get it where he wants. Not saying they are "goin' all the way" but they do look impressive to me.

But with parity, they can give you a Rutgers performance too.

Their fate will probably come down to if the Sasha dude can hit some big 3s when the stakes get higher. Judging by his hair style he strikes me as a guy with zero conscious, so this could be a good thing for the Boilers.

Auburn UCONN was a similar game yes.