Nova now has a 130.8 Offensive Rating - We are in unchartered territory

Bert Higginbotha

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Jan 9, 2003
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Nova goes down to Creighton.

The "greatest unit the game has ever seen" isn't even gonna win the regular season title in their mid major league?


@NovaNation1188 @TheNation16 @gldendog Come on back guys... let's talk about it.
Hear; hear!


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May 29, 2012
Well, I’ll come around still. Team isn’t clicking yet defensively, or frankly close.

We’ll see. I think they’ve got a shot to pull things together, but the whole team is healthy now and there isn’t much season left.

At this point they might kind of be what they are, which is a very good offensive team and an okay defensive team. Tough to beat when shots are falling...very beatable when they aren’t.

Going to depend on draw but longer, athletic teams with rim protectors can cause problems for ‘Nova offensively and there tend to be more of those in the tournament than in Big East play.
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