Next Georgetown Coach?


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Jan 24, 2008
Wow! How many times in history have we seen famous College Hoops programs looking as bad as G-Town is now? I don’t know how Ewing makes it another year.


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Oct 3, 2001
It's not easy. Georgetown has to rid itself of the Thompson / Ewing tree and era. That was 40 years ago...majorly ancient in any time period...I couldn't imagine being a senior in HS in '85 and a coach recruiting me would be a player from 1945! Even 1970, a mere 15 years, would seem very long ago. To us as we're older, that is nothing but to teenagers that is very old.

Mullin at St. John's, Penny at Memphis, Doherty at UNC, Davis at UNC TBD, Jordan at Butler, McKie at Temple, etc. have little to no relevance to today's kids. Especially those who have not won anything recently at the collegiate level that today's generation can relate to.

Exceptions doing well at their alma maters are Painter at Purdue and Howard at Michigan (this didn't age too well...).
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Jan 20, 2011
So what is it do you guys think that makes this job as challenging as it obviously is? Pretty decent recruiting area. Is admissions a bit tougher?

I agree you need to wipe it clean. I just don't know what direction you go.

Here's the thing. In general, that job candidate pool is not really all that great. So it's even tougher for programs a little further down the totem pole. I'm not as up to speed on the assistant coach trees, it just seems the entire landscape has really changed. A lot of guys either retiring, in the NBA, or at their destination jobs.

Now you need to maybe consider less of a priority on x&o and more of a priority on communication and ability to work that portal.

I do miss that Hoya Paranoia.
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