Good stocks to buy while the Market is down

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    theres no sports being played anywhere, and multiple threads about the market, so I thought it would be interesting in seeing other people’s opinions about stocks they think will rebound when (hopefully) this pandemic runs its course.

    One of my favorites for long term growth is Avistia symbol RCEL. They specialize in burn treatments and have created a “spray” for burn victims that would reduce the amount of skin grafts they would need to repair burn injuries. They claim to be able to use a skin graft the size of a credit card, along with their spray, to completely graft a burn the size of an average males complete back. They aren’t operating in america as they have yet to meet fda approval, but are practicing in Europe. For some clarity, usually a burn the size of a persons entire back would need skin grafts from both thighs (front and back) as well as both forearms. I think they are going to revolutionize burn treatment before all is said and done.

    Anyone else have any stocks with lots of upside that have taken the markets corona hit?
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