First round matchups that spike MAJOR interest.


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Sep 15, 2016
I've watched a ton of basketball the last few days because of UofL being on the bubble. I've had a chance to see every team in the tournament at least once.

Matchups that spike major interest for POSSIBLE upsets:

12 New Mexico ST vs 5 Clemson: I got a chance to watch NMST play Grand Canyon and let me tell you, their guards are fantastic. They matchup perfectly with Clemson in my opinion. Although Clemson probably wins, that one will be a great game.

10 Providence vs 7 Texas A&M: I have Providence winning this game. They have two fantastic scorers and are playing great basketball lately. I watched them beat Xavier, since I am currently an Interim Xavier Fan. Then, I followed up and watched them play Villanova. They were 1 shot away from winning in regulation. They played outstanding defense that entire game and I believe Ed Cooley has them ready to take on and BEAT the #7 seeded Aggies.

10 Texas vs 7 Nevada:
After getting blown out in their conference championship, I just don't buy Nevada. They are heavily overrated in my opinion and I believe that Shaka Smart could've made a run barring the very unfortunate situation with their point guard. However, I still think they are playing good enough basketball to get past Nevada.

11 St Bonaventure/UCLA vs 6 Florida: This one is for sure a 50-50. Florida has two completely different sides. They are either shooting very well, which elevates their play elsewhere or they are just bad. I just can't decide with this one, so I leave that one up to you.

11 Loyola-Chicago vs 6 Miami: Personally, I believe that Miami is way over seeded. However, they played UNC very tough up until the end of the game, so in the end I believe they win this game but it wouldn't shock me to see LC win.

10 Oklahoma vs 7 URI: Oklahoma doesn't deserve to be in but URI is not good. I watched them through the entire A-10 tournament and Oklahoma will win.

10 Butler vs 7 Arkansas: Butler. Plain and simple.