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Discussion in 'College Baseball Clubhouse' started by LVRebel2000, Jun 5, 2017.

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    I'm going to be in Omaha when the College World Series starts in a couple weeks, but don't yet have tickets. This will be my first time attending, so I'm looking for a little help from those of you that have attended in the past. I could do the General Admission thing but I really don't feel like waiting in line for half the day, so am leaning towards getting assigned seats. Have any of you done GA before? If so, how was it?

    Otherwise, if I buy assigned seats, what are the best options for getting them? I see they have some for sale on stubhub and some on the CWS website, but the prices are definitely jacked up a little. Do better ticket prices typically become available as it gets closer? Are there people selling tickets out front like most venues?

    Thanks in advance. For your troubles...




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