Bracket of Doom First Four- 12) NC State vs 12) Texas

Who wins this First Four matchup?

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Feb 25, 2008
#12 North Carolina State Wolfpack (20-12, 10-10)

ACC (t6th)
Off- 74.6 ppg / Def- 69.7 ppg
NCAA Appearances- 27 (Last: 2018)

#12 Texas Longhorns (19-12, 9-9)

Big 12 (t3rd)
Off- 64.2 ppg / Def- 63.3 ppg
NCAA Appearances- 34 (Last: 2018)

Top scorers:
NC State-
C.J. Bryce 13.3 ppg
Markell Johnson 12.8 ppg
D.J. Funderburk 12.7 ppg
Devon Daniels 12.7 ppg
Jericole Hellems 9.5 ppg

Matt Coleman III 12.7 ppg
Andrew Jones 11.5 ppg
Courtney Ramey 10.9 ppg
Jericho Sims 9.7 ppg
Jase Febres 9.3 ppg

One of the Last Four teams in the field, this NC State team is exactly what you'd expect from a team in their position. That is to say, you're not sure who you're gonna get. Is it the Wolfpack team that handed Wisconsin, Virginia, and Duke losses? Or is it the team that was blown out by Duke in the rematch just a couple weeks later, and dropped the season series to rival North Carolina? On the flip side, opposing teams also have to guess which player will step up for NC State as they boast a balanced attack with four players in double figures, separated by less than a point per game.

The Longhorns made the field over other bubble teams despite their less-than-stellar 19-12 mark and .500 record in the very top-heavy Big 12, because they just had very few bad losses, to go along with their quality wins. Blemishes against Iowa State, and then, embarrassingly, against Oklahoma State on Senior Day were not enough to keep them out of this hypothetical tournament. Texas was a bubble team that probably benefited from the tournament cancellations as it kept other potential bubble teams from building a better case to keep the Longhorns on the outside after what many thought was a devastating loss to the Cowboys. But with a chip on their shoulder, Texas has a chance to hypothetically right the ship in Dayton, and prove they belong in the field of 64.
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Aug 17, 2018
In the minds of the ignorant
Shaka had full control over that team.

Was pushing all the buttons.
Watch the Tech and OU game. Texas was calling every offensive set from the bench.

Against Oklahoma State he just let them play.
Pretty much set them up for failure.

Without the Big 12 Tournament it would have been hard to judge that team because Tech had their backs against the wall as well.
Beating them in KC would have made a huge statement

NC State is a good team but don't think they had the resolve Texas had.