Best player in college basketball so far?


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Jan 6, 2014
I just laugh when someone makes a pick then follows with "it isn't even close." Our course it's close. Young is dealing at this point but to suggest others aren't in the ball field is ignorant.

I don't think it's that close at this point. You have the scoring leader in all of NCAA bball, who also leads the nation in assists per game and has taken a pretty weak team to 11-1 schedule with wins over 3 ranked teams. Is anyone else even worth a shit on Oklahoma? They have a few 4-stars and a bunch of nothing else. Lonzo Ball led the nation in APG last year with 7.6.

Bagley is having a good year so far, but is it much better than Caleb Swanigan had last year? Bagley scores a few more PPG, but grabs less rebounds, has less assists, and is not as good of a shooter.

A lot can still happen though. Young could cool off, Bagley could keep improving, someone else could step up etc.