Based on this board, Kentucky has the best fans of all the blue bloods


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Sep 16, 2013
Yeah, Kentucky fans here are pretty cool. I have always enjoyed all the regular UK guys on this board. Really the only weird ones are the guys who pop in now and then when they are mad at Cal or something.

I thought the KU fans had a pretty solid group but I may be mixing up who cheers for who. I forget crap because I just don't pay enough attention sometimes.

Feel like all the old KU people don't really post anymore. Kistek, npreston, bigcku, schooner etc. Baracus might be the last one standing

Kevin Bryan

Apr 30, 2011
I still post. No where close like I used to. Took a 2 year hiatus at one point too. I just don’t care enough anymore to argue with Kentucky fans daily like we did from 2010 to 2015.

Random UK Fan

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Dec 10, 2018
I don't post much so I probably seem like a drive-by. Been here since 12' and I have 2,390 posts lol. Did the math and I average like 1.48 posts per day.

Top 5 UK posters

1. @lurkeraspect84 (I love trying to decipher his late night posts)
2. @Kevin Bryan (best mod hands down)
3. @Random UK Fan (the ultimate shit stirrer)
4. @JimboBBN (has taken down 8 grizzly bears single handily)
5. Me motha suckas

Most of the posters here are awesome, from every fanbase. There's only a handful of usernames I skip past when reading.
Ive always loved your input! I like having a large UK contingent here, but at this rate we’re all going to give each other diabetes.


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Mar 4, 2014
Just basing it on the people who post here, but Kentucky clearly has the coolest fans of all the bluebloods AINEC. I'm not gonna name names in case I forget anyone, but off the top of my head I can think of 7 or 8 Kentucky posters who are a lot of fun here, maybe even more. And only like one Kentucky poster who is a douche, forgot his name. For Duke they have a few good dudes, but that is balanced out by Duke also having possibly the least fun poster who posts here in @Afamu . North Carolina has @coryfly who gets bonus cool points for being a good golfer, but they really don't have anyone else I can think of.

UCLA and Indiana lost their Blue Blood status a long time ago so no need to also embarrass them by talking about their piss poor performance on this message board as well.

EDIT: Somehow forgot to mention Kansas. Their fans are pretty boring overall just like the rectangle state they are from. Mostly nice guys, but no one to get excited about.
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