#5 Florida loses to Loyola-Chicago


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Sep 17, 2010
You are a little sensitive there buddy. It was a joke and meant to mock other fan bases.
My bad bro. I don't spend as much time here on the cbb board as I do the cfb boards so don't know the "feel" to each posters' posts as well, lol. I just assumed you were one of those arrogant bball power program fans that have disdain for the "football schools" that have decent bball programs. I've seen some of those on here over the years (a young IU fan on here in particular was a real b*tch last tourney). I saw some of your posts on other threads and have better context of your thoughts now, haha, sorry for flying off the handle. When I was a kid I played bball after school outside everyday at the street courts so even though I'm a Gators fan, I take bball seriously, as if I was a Duke/UNC/UK/KU fan! So I jumped on you defensively. Cheers.
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