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  1. Hank_

    Twitter Bullies John Feinstein Out of CBB AP Voting

    And in typical Feinstein fashion, pulls an “I’m too important to listen to you peasants judge me” on the way out the door. Hilarious.
  2. Hank_

    If you had to pick a CBB coach for president...who would vote for?

    Put me down for Frank Martin. Can’t be certain, but I’m pretty sure I know (and agree) with his politics.
  3. Hank_

    Tyler Herro's Transformation Almost Complete

    Worst part, you know that Burberry scarf costs north of $500.
  4. Hank_

    Tyler Herro's Transformation Almost Complete

    I won’t give him that much credit. Cam wears some crazy stuff, but it’s usually high dollar, high fashion threads. Tyler dresses like a bottom tier, mixtape rapper from the mid 90s. The pros of being rich and carefree, I suppose. New Harlow cut is great though.
  5. Hank_

    If You Could Adjust One Specific Play From Any Game of Another Team

    Of another team? I would make that Hayward heave hit nothing but net. That undoubtedly becomes one of the most iconic shots ever, and gets replayed on every March Madness montage until the end of time.
  6. Hank_

    Gregg Marshall

    It’s probably a toss up who has punched more holes in the drywall. 100% chance they’re into some weird, painful stuff in the bedroom.
  7. Hank_

    Gregg Marshall

    From a current events perspective, this might be the worst possible timing for this story to break. Have to assume that if these stories are corroborated, he’s done for many years.
  8. Hank_

    Drunk country boy vs cougar

    Lol wait, isn’t Jimbo from Louisville?
  9. Hank_

    Ruh-Roh.....Mack calling out Cal...

    Someone on Twitter pointed out that weird, iced out G Shock he has on, and now I can’t watch that video without staring at it.
  10. Hank_

    Jesse Jackson calling on high profile athletes to Boycott UK

    Jackson saw Kendi and Hannah Nicole Jones making a mint on halfwit critical theory and decided it was time to step back into the fold and try to get some of that himself. Nothing new under the sun.
  11. Hank_

    Kentucky HS basketball to eliminate the jump ball(tip)....

    Possibly the most frustratingly stupid precaution I’ve seen to date. I heard it earlier and assumed it was a joke, apparently not.
  12. Hank_

    Billy Donovan return to college ball?

    Gonna have to table this one for another couple of years.
  13. Hank_

    The new format is the new low for 2020, right?

    I think the UI is too busy, but it’s less buggy on the whole. Give and take.