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    Walker Kessler to Auburn...

    I bet Luke Maye would trade his natty for an NBA career.
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    Should UCLA hang Final 4 Banners?

    They’re not number 1
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    Rick Barnes....

    8 titles, that is all.
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    Is Brad Stevens Waiting For The Duke Or UNC Job?

    He would only leave for Duke or Kentucky. Both pay their coaches $9 million a year.
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    First 1 seed to lose?

    UNC fans in this thread lol
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    Kentucky fans- Cam’ron Fletcher

    He has no position on the court. He can’t shoot or dribble so he can’t play the three spot. He’s too short to play the four. He’s a good athlete but not very skilled. Nobody is upset he’s leaving, which is very telling.
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    Rankings Week Class of 2021

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    Bad news for WVU. Oscar Tshiebwe stepping away

    So Dontaie Allen can’t shoot? He’s one of the best shooters in the SEC.