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Too Early Top 25 College Football Rankings...

I was actually surprised at the top five....well a few of them anyway. They have 'THE' Ohio State Buckeyes at number one..... rounding the top five are as is....2. Bama(No surprise really), 3. Uga, 4.Michigan(Bitchigan), 5.Oklahoma(Choklahoma).... Clemson is 6. because we'll...they are vastly overrated. My Irish are at 7. Which I'm ok with. Texas A&M at 8. Tennessee at 9. And Wisconsin at 10. That's the top ten anyway. Lol I'm too lazy to name the rest....but looks interesting. As always rankings don't really matter. I just posted this because I'm ready for football...that and I was bored... And because my girlfriend said 'hey we need to talk' which lol means it's something I did. Anyway let's talk football. I'd put Biden on the list but he was smelling a teen and slurring his words and babling incoherently.